Week 1

My partner and I have learned a lot about “Food Around the World.” We learned about some foods in Africa…

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Genius Hour Project

Our class is doing a genius hour project. A genius hour project is where you pick a topic and you basically research about it. My topic is food around the world. I am going to research all the different types of food in each continent. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. I also want to get food that is from around the world or try to make some. To make some I would just look up different recipes online or something like that. I picked this topic, one because I like food and, two I want to learn what other people eat around the world and about their cultures. Check our out website- http://karleeandaiden.weebly.com


http://giselew06.edublogs.org/ Gisele lives in Australia. Its Spring there right now. For Halloween she dressed up as a dead pigeon. http://maryw06.edublogs.org/…

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